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REAL RUBBER (N) – Rubber Process Oil – Naphthenic

REAL RUBBER (N) is a Naphthenic process oil, non-staining and has fairly good colour stability with adequate high temperature properties

REAL RUBBER (N) stands out as a naphthenic process oil, distinguished by its non-staining quality and commendable color stability, along with reliable high-temperature properties. This oil's excellent solvency is a key feature, significantly improving the processibility of natural rubber and rendering it suitable as a general-purpose rubber process oil for butyl rubber applications.

With versatility at its core, REAL RUBBER (N) is highly recommended for use in rubber processing, playing a crucial role in the manufacturing of automotive tires, tubes, mats, footwear, and a diverse range of molded and extruded rubber goods. Its compatibility with various rubber formulations makes it an essential component in the production of high-quality rubber products.

The solvency of REAL RUBBER (N) contributes to efficient processing, making it a valuable asset in the rubber industry. Its application extends beyond traditional uses, finding utility in a wide spectrum of molded and extruded rubber goods. The oil's reliability and effectiveness make it a preferred choice for manufacturers seeking consistent and high-performance results in rubber processing.

In summary, REAL RUBBER (N) is a versatile and dependable naphthenic process oil, enhancing the characteristics of natural and butyl rubber, and serving as a cornerstone in the production of a variety of rubber products for different industries

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