Infrastructure & Facilities

Our infrastructure, strategically located in Iyyappanthangal, Chennai, spans a vast area and serves as the hub for the formulation of superior-quality lubrication solutions. Here, we specialize in producing industrial lubricants, automotive lubricants, greases, marine engine oils, and specialty lubricants, showcasing our commitment to diverse industries.

With a robust production capacity, we can formulate 100 KL of oils per day and 6 MT of grease per shift, ensuring a seamless supply chain for our clientele.

Our machines include:

The unit is equipped with cutting-edge

  • Machinery,

  • Including Reactors,

  • Pulverisers, Boilers,

  • Vessels, and

  • Centrifuges, Facilitating the efficient and swift formulation of specialty chemicals.

Regular checks on our machinery underscore our dedication to operational excellence, ensuring that all equipment operates effectively to maintain the highest standards of quality. Our well-organized infrastructure not only reflects our commitment to precision in lubricant formulation but also positions us as a reliable partner for industries seeking top-tier lubrication solutions.

In summary, our infrastructure in Chennai serves as the backbone for        Real Lube Products, enabling us to deliver premium lubricants while upholding the highest standards of efficiency, quality, and reliability in the market.

At the forefront of innovation, our company boasts a well-established Research and Development department with a mission to continually formulate and enhance the effectiveness of industrial lubricants, automotive lubricants, greases, marine engine oils, and specialty lubricants. Managed by a team of dedicated R&D experts, our unit stays abreast of the latest technologies, driving advancements in the composition of greases to meet evolving industry standards. The primary objective of our R&D unit is to systematically minimize any potential drawbacks in the existing oils' formulation process. The pivotal role played by our R&D unit has been instrumental in propelling our company to its current industry standing, allowing us to carve a distinctive niche and amass a vast and satisfied clientele.

Research & Development

refill of liquid on tubes
refill of liquid on tubes