REAL LUBE PRODUCTS develops, produces and sells high performance lubricants all over the nation. Our special solutions in the fields of speciality lubricants, industrial lubricants and lubricants for metal working and forming technology are based on the latest technical knowledge.

REAL LUBE development of lubricants always sets standards with regard to reduction of friction and wear, high and low temperature properties, corrosion protection, sealing and media compatibility, especially in respect of environmental protection. The basis : modern laboratory technologies, analytical methods, computer-assisted test rigs.

Our company specializes in the development, production, and nationwide distribution of high-performance lubricants, ensuring top-quality solutions for diverse industrial needs.


Based At : Chennai, Tamil Nadu,South India

Legal Status : Partnership Firm

Company Profile : Manufacturer, Supplier

Payment Mode : Cash, Demand Draft, NEFT

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We excel in the development, production, and nationwide distribution of high-performance lubricants. Our expertise extends to specialized solutions in areas such as specialty lubricants, industrial lubricants, and lubricants for metalworking and forming technology, all crafted with the latest advancements in technical knowledge.

For inquiries or further information, feel free to contact us; we are dedicated to providing responsive and reliable support for all your lubrication needs.