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REAL Rubber Extender / Process Oil – Aromatic

REAL RUBBER (P) is a light coloured paraffinic type, medium bodied Rubber Process Oil with good colour stability.

REAL RUBBER (P) emerges as a light-colored paraffinic-type, medium-bodied Rubber Process Oil, showcasing commendable color stability. With a high flash point, elevated temperature properties, reduced sulfur content, and low solvency, this oil proves to be a versatile and reliable choice. Ideal as an ingredient in the manufacturing of diverse rubber products, whether derived from natural or synthetic rubber, REAL RUBBER (P) finds application in butyl and ethylene propylene rubbers as well.

These oils come recommended for use in processing light-colored rubber goods, including but not limited to white-walled tires, shoe soles, toys, and sporting goods. The unique properties of REAL RUBBER (P) position it as an essential component in the production of high-quality rubber items, particularly those requiring a lighter color profile.

Category: Rubber Proccess Oil

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